20 August 2010

Why Bookshops Always Put Computer Books With Business

It's near-universal. Especially for those bookshops with large self-help or mysticism and occult sections and no science section. Computer books are put (and often intermingled with) business books.


To me it's like always putting cycling with business. Or painting.

Yes computers are used heavily in business, but they're used just as heavily in music or movies or writing.

When I look for programming books, sometimes I'm interested in the topics that combine businesses (or the needs of an organisation) with programming - generally topics like how to translate the needs of project sponsors into deliverable systems. But way more often than that I'm interested in topics that concern the creation of software using specific techniques, paradigms, or languages and frameworks.

I like programming. I would do it more on the weekends if I had time. I don't think it has anything in common with business but it seems that many non-technically minded people assume that the only reason someone would want to do programming is for business purposes.

Well plenty of people do it for fun. Just like cycling or painting.

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