04 March 2009

And I Want an iPony

I have recently joined that elite set of wankers, the iPhone users.

It feels good. As people say, it's like living in the future.

Of course, being a software developer I can't help wondering how plausible it would be for me to make it rich by making an addictive physics puzzle game or something and flogging it on the app store for a couple of bucks. It certainly is incredibly easy to buy stuff.

My first purchase was iGo, an implementation of GNU Go with a slick user interface. So now I can work on strengthening my game on the bus. The perfect compliment to that is a free IGS client, Tetsuki so I can be beaten at Go by Japanese children anywhere, any time.

I won't bother enumerating the vast array of personal efficiency gains I believe I'll make.

The device is capable, luxurious and respectful of my time.

It has also exhausted my meagre toy budget for some time to come.

1 comment:

  1. There are days in my work building where it seems like I'm the only person who doesn't have an iPhone.

    I'm still holding off on acquiring a toy of such usefulness. Strange considering how much money I have invested in the temple of things shiny and white.

    Right now I can't justify going from circa-$35/month phone plan to a circa-$65/month one. Maybe when I'm richer, or when Apple bumps the hardware... or when I'm bombarded by saturation advertising at a moment of weakness.