26 February 2009

First Post!

This is the inaugural post of my new blog on the topic of software development and other stuff I like. As I write I hope my adequately configured blogging software makes that sentence redundant.

The thing that was stopping me starting a new blog in the past was the effort of retrieving my old blog's posts which are stored in a database dump in a tarball on a drive somewhere. As the value of keeping and restoring my tired old rants into a new blog approached zero and the idea of just starting afresh maintained its appeal, I ultimately reached the threshold where my impetus to write exceeded my resistance to give up on them.

Perhaps there's just enough room left to succinctly justify my pushing my opinionated commentary on the world in case of the minuscule possibility that this first post will be read by someone.

Actually, let's just say I'm only doing it for the money.

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